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How to Prepare Pallets for Transport - 20th April 2017

Load stability and protection are crucial elements to consider when you want to prepare pallets for transport. However, they are not the only ones. Getting it right is incredibly important, as it ca...
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Warehouse Features to Consider Before Storing Your Goods - 11th April 2017

At Kidds Transport we are experts in both transport and storage, so we know how best to help you find the perfect warehouse for your needs and then transport your goods there! With over 90,000 s...
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Palletways First Again - ETA for palletised freight - 6th April 2017

Businesses and consumers can now be notified when their palletised freight will arrive because of game changing new technology unveiled by Europe's number one and fastest growing palletised freight ...
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3 Challenges Facing Fleet Managers - 27th March 2017

Like any industry, fleet management has ups and downs; depending on factors such as economy, industry trends and even technology. But, what are some challenges that a fleet manager may have to fa...
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Why You Should Have Satellite Tracking in Your Fleet - 21st March 2017

Satellite vehicle tracking software is a fantastic way to manage your fleet, as it allows you to monitor your vehicles at all times. This can bring a wealth of advantages to your business, as it ...
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Lorry Maintenance Checklist - 17th February 2017

Like most things in life, a lorry cannot last forever. However, proper care and maintenance can be the fountain of youth which your lorry thrives upon for many years. Knowing how often to perform th...
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Considerations to Make with Long-Term Storage - 8th February 2017

If you run a business where you handle products on a regular basis you are likely to need a place to store them. You cannot keep everything on your shop floor, so you need to pick a long-term storag...
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Looking After Your Warehouse Throughout the Year - 27th January 2017

New year, new you! Keeping your warehouse in tiptop shape is not just reserved for the end-of-year scramble or for the bustle surrounding bank holidays - it's something you should do all year round....
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Fleet Managers: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid Making - 13th January 2017

Managing a fleet takes dedication, planning and often patience as goods are transported up and down the country. Daily, thousands of pounds??? worth of goods are under your care. This is a tremendou...
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The Consequences of Dealing with Hazardous Goods Incorrectly - 11th January 2017

Transportation is a smooth and safe business, something that you can rely on for the transportation of your goods; especially here at Kidds Transport. However, there are some risks and concerns invo...
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Merry Christmas From Kidds Transport! - 21st December 2016

It seems as though the past 12 months have gone past in a flash, but Christmas is somehow here again! We want to wish our valued customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone h...
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How Winter Affects Vehicles and Haulage - 13th December 2016

Winter is officially upon us. The chill has set in, the rain has been falling in earnest and the threat of snow is on the horizon. Such conditions can be worrying for haulage, whether it be slowing ...
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Responsibility in Business - 2nd December 2016

Here at Kidds Transport, we know just how important it is that we are responsible and professional every day. Due to the industry we work within, if we do not approach our jobs with responsibili...
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Long Distance Haulage - Considerations You Must Make - 9th November 2016

At Kidds Transport we're well aware of what it takes to ensure that all regulations are obeyed and that your goods are safe, as we have many years of experience in the industry. Long distance hau...
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How to Safely Pack Hazardous Goods for Transport - 25th October 2016

The shipping of hazardous goods is always something which should be taken with more care and consideration than regular shipping. You want to transport such goods responsibly so that there is no ris...
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